Monday, January 09, 2006

Some People Have All The Luck


Some people really have all the luck in the world. I was near Kallang River that day, curious about the raft. I met an 1d10t1c guy (I guessed to be a chinese construction worker) with his zip down airing whatever. Totally quite very extremely unsightly walking along the busy road near Kallang MRT, passing by bus stops, traffic and all in the opposite direction from me in broad daylight. As I passed by when he said very hard leh.

Being the tee-kee person I am, do you want me to:

Of course, there was no time to do any of the above and I pretended not to see him and continued with my search for that "place at Kallang River".

Something similar happened only a few months ago. Totally spoiled my sight first thing in the morning. My luck is...just there.

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