Sunday, January 15, 2006

Singapore River Raft Race

It's been quite some time since I did something mad. Goodness knows why I did it but it was very very fun, very high. Before, all I felt was me wanting to sleep after slogging it out the day before (we were nearly disqualified la) and very little sleep another day before that. I wasn't even thinking. To be frank, the final design that went into the water had not been tested.

We were to build a raft out of scrap materials. And the award has to go to the toilet bowl cover paddle we created. It's a good paddle with a large surface area. The only thing about it is that you need a lot of bull strength to paddle, I have aching arms and back now. The consolation came when we saw the rafts competing for the creative category. Thank goodness we changed our mind in the end.

Many supporters came to join in the fun with our very own paparazzi gang with cameras and digital camcorders. The yellow t-shirt is hard to miss. As usual, we created such a commotion and nearly created a funeral procession in the process. Oooh, the wacky things they did...I nearly wanted to dig a hole in the ground and bury my face there. But then again, on a day like that, there was every reason to be crazy. (See what happened to the tin?)

Hey, the water there may not be crystal blue but its very clear! Actually, being the first out of 8 to go into the water, really bo hua you know? It was almost like waiting for the water to seep into your raft. Before we even started, 1 jerry can (we added it only an hour ago) had loosened, throwing us off balance. So we moved like a road hog, cutting the lanes of all the others. At about 85m, 1 of the 2 anchor points in front gave way. I must have been too heavy la. Time to go on a diet.

Surprise, surprise, it turned out, we were the fastest raft in race 7 right from the start. Or maybe cos I have 2 dark and handsome men behind me. Quick! Congratulate me anyway! It was a first time I did something like that. I think, I will do it again if I have a chance. :P

I was told, our "parking lot" and the raft number came out in yesterday's 4D. Shucks! Haha, like I usually buy like that :P

Rewarding ourselves with triple celebration of 3 person's birthday at Hans.

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