Monday, January 09, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

I spent the morning at beautiful MacRitchie. Solitude walks, munching and watching some get drenched on the reservoir. Thinking about having to wake up early when I could be home sleeping. I figured it was a wise choice to stay dry.

Lunch. I was the last in. WL gestured the last remaining empty seat right there in the middle of the table. I plonked my Salomon down and returned only to find myself in the middle of CK. Erm..not exactly a strategic location. Anyway, I finished my lunch and they were talking about what happened that morning.

Throughout the entire process, everyone naturally contributed to the convesation except CK. While K responded with nods and smiles, C seemed irritated just being there. Before I had finished my drink, said, let's go. I sensed the foul mood, so did XQ.

I hope its due to a drenched morning.

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