Monday, January 09, 2006

My Latest Invention

At least 30 people now know about my famous Tom Yam thing else. Ok, now they can try to copy. That is of course.

I saw the black pepper sauce sitting in the fridge a week ago and have been craving for it. I went to the NTUC and started shopping. Same concept, total success. You know sunflower kernels taste damn good in them. My dad kept complaining at the time I took. Ok, obviously I took longer than my mum does cos I don't know where she hides the stuff. Complain what! Also not cooking for you! Anyway, the conclusion was me ending up praising myself. How shameless can I get?

While I was at the NTUC, I saw something else. snow peas! They're small, light and cheap! Only $0.80/pkt. 3 packets will be more than enough. I'll try that out the next time I fill out my red Cerre Torres.

My latest invention 2 is a pasta salad. Good good...

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