Monday, January 23, 2006

Chee Cheong Fun + Porridge?

With a URL screaming there (ok, its not really screaming, but I was observant enough to see it)...It's such a weirdo combi and the adventurous streak in me forced me to try it. It was lunch time (already past 1pm) and I wasn't that hungry anyway. So I decided to try. For $2.50, I got a char siew chee cheong fun and some (a few soup spoonfuls probably) very little ingredients century porridge.

The porridge is not too bad, except it had very little ingredients (I think it was meant to be that way, since most of the cost goes to the chee cheong fun).
The chee cheong fun was freshly wrapped came looking very wrinkly. But it tasted not bad. And most interestingly, it actually had greens in it and didn't taste funny. There was some lettuce and baby kailan shreds in it.

By the way, this hawker centre serves up some of the cheapest and nicest food around. $0.80 ice kacang and $2 lunches still plentiful here. I hope it stays that way.
On a same note, did you know that this hawker centre near chomp chomp has an excellent $6 fish & chip stall? Not only is the fish & chips excellent, they serve up one of the nicest cakes at a fraction of usual prices you find at Coffee Bean. Stand at the stall front and you'll be drooling to buy every piece of cake they have! My favourite is the chocolate cake (it's damn huge) even though I'm not exactly a chocolate addict.

What's so nice about the cakes? Well, it tastes home made. You can see and taste the cake, not the cream. It's not your usual cake with nothing but cream, cream and more cream. Sometimes I wonder if its the cake or the cream I'm eating.

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