Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Caught this program as I was about to turn off the TV when I saw this damn 拽 guy up there. He didn't submit his picture and sold himself off as charming. Ok, in person, he don't fare too bad (compared to the last guy I saw don't know when) He's about my height. God is fair la. He's looking for a tall, slim, long haired pretty face. I switched off...another one looking for a pretty accessory to hang his arm around.

He does not mind her being taller, in the hope that his future generation will be taller. (Duh) He has his preferences while others have their choices. That's a 30 y.o. guy for you. Guys really cannot see beyond the surface (read: shallow) huh? No matter how cool you look, your character shows all. *blah* That cool, arrogant can't get away with it all the time. :P

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