Monday, December 26, 2005

Yesterday's Rice, Today's Porridge

That sentence came from a 12th BOATer. I thought it was interesting. The leftover of yesterday's butter garlic & herb rice with raisins was so nice, a few could not bear to throw it away. It became today's porridge for breakfast. I'm not a fan of rice and water as porridge but ninja and gin tonic were happily slurping up.

I visited Pulau Hantu. There was Hantu Kechil and Hantu Besar. At low tide or not so high tide, you can wade your way across from one island to the other. It's a really idyllic place that you want to be in and do nothing but nothing. And we enjoyed ourselves very much by doing nothing but eat, chit-chat and play. There's no electricity at night. So everything was pitch black.

There were people attempting to fish, catch jelly fish and crabs while some others were collecting snails, millipedes and saga seeds. From time to time, sinister laughter came from the stacko game because the stake was to get dunked. The rest of the time, we were just eating non stop. Fun does comes in numbers. There were 24 of us in all.

I want to...try diving here. I miss diving, its been several months since my last dive. Even though, it may not be much but I think it ought to be an experience worth trying.

The water was pretty clear at some places and suspended with much silt and sediment at the lagoon. Its quite hard to think they can actually see that much marine life here. There were lots of jelly fish but mostly small ones. They were not enough to be lethal but certainly made their prescence felt. Most of the time, the first creature I see when I put my face into the water, was the jelly fish. And all along they thought they were sea ticks :P I must have been so brave to have actually swam inside the water.

It was funny when we were recalling how K fell out of his hammock when it gave way and the 'room mate' (me), ignored the commotion totally thinking they were changing places and taking cover because it started to rain. Someone else thought a coconut had dropped. It's so ironical because we were all still admiring his DIY hammock that is so neat and light earlier in the afternoon. Now, I guess we would think twice about attempting to DIY our own hammock :P

We were singing 'christmas carols' before the gift exchange. But obviously, we were terribly at it. There was the X'mas gift exchange played in a new style like you play musical chairs. With a budget set at $5, you get to see how creative people got. Some half of the people exchanged creativity with money by exceeding the budget. I magically got a present from the same person twice this year.

'MURDERER' was fun. It caused a lot of explosive laughter to come from many of us. Laughter is really the best medicine. It's not played in the usual way. We used 2 decks of poker cards and played it like 'HEART ATTACK' with a 'MURDERER' card amongst them. At the end of the day, we synonymously agreed to make 1 person pole danced whether or not he was the last one to reach the tree in the blackness of the night. The 'MURDERER' unfortunately couldn't escape and was forced to pole dance when he didn't know how to and was too shy to attempt. But he was a good sport. Haha. it's fun to watch shy guys stand and scratch their head in clueless abandon.

The 12th BOATers, for the first time in their life, realised what GOOD FOOD really meant while being outdoors. Good food need not be, expensive. That is of course. No one gets disappointed each time I decide what food we will eat. It is something, I cannot be more confident about. Tried, tested & proven. I hope this will also signify the start of more good food for future trips.
The only slight disappointment came when, someone commented on how we should bring Annie along for the next trip so we will all have good food.

Friends who don't go camping with me probably never knew I could cook at all. Well, too bad. Invite me to your party next time then.

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