Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wine & Dine

2 dinners in a week, I think its too much. And just a few weeks ago, I had lunch with him. I admit the food was good but its everything but normal. It's really the last 'ECA' I would be most keen on. Guess what? I was told to push away all my other appointments! Damn, all nicely masked in the name of 'exposure'. I only forced myself to go because I didn't want to appear un-nice.

Its only ok if I do not have to cancel my appointments to meet yours! I certainly do not fancy getting your 'rich man's diseases' or putting food into my mouth unnecessarily! And your supplement talk is making me sick. I feel a tad sorry that people would probably be lying to you so that you could hear what you wanted to hear. Talk about using one poison to cure another poison.

Friends have warned me to becareful.

Social work? Why should you want me to be involved? I thought, I only do it because I want to and not because you tell me to? Now, I seriously wonder what is your motive for getting involved in such projects.

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