Thursday, December 08, 2005

MILK is acidic. I didn't know, did you?

Cool! I learnt something new today. Instead of giving you calcium, it will rob you of calcium. Why? Because milk is acidic! Hurray! Drinking milk will cause your body to be acidic. Hence to neutralise it, it draws calcium out from your calcium stores, your bones.

Do you know why young people who suffer from cancer die faster? Cos they move around too much! Too much free radicals produced, hence they die faster. Didn't you know why extreme marathoners fall sick after completing a marathon? Cos they produce so much free radicals and not having enough antioxidants, the immune system weakens and they fall sick.

Even if it were true, does it imply that your human body does not have the ability to adapt and condition itself? I know so many people who have completed,5k, 10k, 21k and 42k marathons and none of them have ever fallen sick because of a marathon. Dehydrated yes, fatigue yes. But they have never fallen sick. Maybe you would, but the normal, healthy person doesn't usually.

In all of your health reasonings, I do not see exercise and training as one of the key components at all. And for someone who pops about 10 pills a meal, its not surprising. Do you understand why we need Ca in the first place? Bones? Yes, do you know how your bone mineral density builds in the first place? I guess that no one really knows that drinking Ca fortified foods will never build your BMD? All it does is ensure you have enough for your body functions so it does not draw from your Ca store in your bones! I'm glad I didn't attend my CPT for nothing!

I have the burning urge to buy some litmus papers and test all the milk available in the market now. I shall now launch a research on MILK. Grr..

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