Thursday, December 15, 2005


Did you know that your stomach contains one of the most acidic substances in the world? HCl acid has a pH of about 1.0 - 2.0 and its right there within you. It's the only place in your body that has the ability to tolerate such acidity. I read an article that says that your blood cannot become acidic by consuming acidic food. (Really?) And if Hcl is already so acidic, how can taking something of lesser acidity make things worse? I thought about it. Quite true. Then does it really matter whether the foods you're taking is more acidic or alkali? To some it does. If you suffer from reflux where the food actually comes out of your stomach after mixing with the HCl and because its very acidic in nature, the other parts of your body is not able to tolerate it. It's an awful feeling. Hence, the intake of acidic food is really not recommended in this case.

Frankly speaking, if you were a supplement company, would you not do research with findings and evidences telling one that you do not need supplements?

Of course I don't buy his nonsense. I'm just nodding my head in mechanical agreement. Except that, I don't see why you should also make me a believer of your beliefs.

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