Sunday, December 11, 2005

Falling in Love Again

I first did sports climbing way back in 2002 when I dragged some friends along. It was almost my first and my last. I stopped. The motivation wasn't there and I couldn't possibly climb alone. SAFRA TPY wasn't half as interesting as the one I did yesterday. It also showed me that, a vertical, straight faced wall isn't always the easiest wall to climb! We were all deceived. And although I only climbed once, the satisfaction was immensely tremendous. If not for the lack of time, I would have tried the 2nd wall. Now, I wanna do it again, I want to get shoes! My climbing techniques seriously suck, but who cares! ---
I tried cardio salsa. It was cheap, so what the heck. And I signed up. I wanna salsa again, very badly. The teacher was good and she taught us techniques that never before I have learnt in my earlier classes. She's a 4 times champion in SEA Amateur Champion in Latin-Ballroom dance. Her style, of course was latin and very ballroom (not Cuban at all). It wasn't very cardio but I think it advocates dancing salsa without a partner. If you're interested to know how much of a workout you get, it uses the same muscles as you would for belly dance.

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