Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I had a presentation (ok, it was more like a discussion cum sharing session) with all the big shots. Some 10 people there. My verdict: it's like TPAC meeting. No, it didn't start extremely late, 15 mins late. Halfway through, they veered off track to discuss about dollars and cents. Hearing the MD and the BD debating about the focus we should be adopting etc. It was VERY off track. OMG. The MD practically made some comment after every sentence I spoke. And sometimes, its not related at all!

Either it was coincidental or not. The BD dir was sitting beside me and he filled in quite a bit of information for me.

After the presentation, he actually feels paiseh that 2 ladies were left there to keep the laptop and projector. I think I've not met such a guy to make such a comment in a long time. Well, before you start thinking about anything else, he's not young, not hunk, not good looking, is very myopic, married and has 3 kids.

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