Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Money is not a problem

Charity begins at home right? Rightfully. I visited the home yesterday with 2 other colleauges and MD. It was about 7pm. If not for the lights, the home looks slightly scary with no one around except for us. The electrical wiring probably wasn't very well done yet and it tripped, leaving us in total darkness if not for the almost full moon. If you ask me, its still pretty lit, still not that close to pitch darkness yet. The urban dwellers were so worried about tripping and falling and MD talking about not bringing his night vision goggles. A little too paranoid and overly careful, by any of my standards, its ALMOST FULL MOON! What I mean is well, we have to becareful but it seems to be a huge feat to walk in darkness to them. Ok, maybe I should forgive old people for being paranoid cos they can fall and break their bones - like I wouldn't also fall and break my bones :P Funny.

Earlier this afternoon, I was in his office talking about fridges this time round. We needed sponsors for both the fridge and freezers. He promptly called my CTO and told him to sponsor for the fridge which costs about $1K. So ex! Exclaimed CTO. I'm taking the $5K freezer already. Be glad I never ask you for that, said the MD. Back in my mind, I wonder if the CTO had been approached before and agreed to donate "something" already or the call really caught him by surprise and he was "forced" to agree because "charity is good" and that the benefits of it are "out of this world".

Frankly speaking, I think the way rich people spend money are really different from the poor. What diamond water?! Boiling tap water causes carceogenic compounds to be present in the water? Even if it might be, the body has its ways of self renewing isn't it? Some of these particles present in small quantities are always gotton rid of by your body's natural cycles isn't it? I've drank boiled water for decades now. If its really bad, I'd probably die of cancer by now.

He also told Sister, not to feed the children too much chicken, cos they are all injected with plenty of hormones to make them grow bigger, faster. Well, I gave this some thought and thought it may well be true. Children nowadays do grow taller at a younger age. Well, we invented these technology to help us and now we get worried with our own inventions. There's bird flu, mad cow and I don't know what else. Even vegetables have pesticides. Don't eat? Live on supplements? Those "healthcare" company really know how to convince you to buy their supplements. (The MD and many of those sitting inside there are his supporters). He really makes an impression on people.

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