Thursday, November 24, 2005


I seem to have something against MEN nowadays and I wonder if its cos of my luck. I was going home tonight when this stupid OLD man, came along and plonked himself beside me carrying many ding dongs and lining the whole length of his femur side by side in contact with mine. I'm not fat, I really am not. Why do you still take up so much space on the seat when I'm squeezed right in already. @!%$#&@

He totally had 0 control over his body. He's a kayu as well, I was figeting in my seat and very restless, showing obvious discomfort in my position. I turned my head, 90 degrees and stared straight at him, maybe thru him. It didn't work. Apart from not using his his darn adductors, he very buay kay kee leaned his body weight right on me when the bus was turning on a roundabout. I felt so much like pushing him off his seat 'accidentally' when the bus veered into the other direction. Damn it. Yes. WOMEN are EVIL. I WANT to push that OLD man off his seat so he'll end up on the floor.

I'm not cold, thank you. I don't need any warmth from anyone, even if you are a young, handsome hunk. Don't come near me, I BITE!

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