Friday, November 18, 2005

'Jurong Rapist'

I met 'Jurong Rapist'. Never did liked him because he was never nice to me, no matter how nice others might perceive him to be. And always hovering around me because of the pretty lass I was always with. His 'friends' had to fulfil a certain criteria to be 'friend'. So if you're ugly, you had better not apply.

I met 'Jurong Rapist' today. He looked like I offended him. WTH. I don't owe you money.

He was there with a 'friend'. It's not easy to guess that the 'friend' was female and this female 'friend' was his girlfriend. I don't understand why he had to hide the fact and even attempted to walk out of the shop separately from her. What a guy to have for a boyfriend.

Then again, it could be just me. Since our feelings for each other is mutual. ie. We basically do not like each other.

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