Thursday, November 24, 2005

Internet Again

As a child, we all knew how to get what we want from our parents. If mama doesn't give, go to papa. Otherwise, go to ah ma or ah gong. Sure can get. I just didn't know it applies here as well. I returned from a meeting yesterday and was having lunch with with B2 (boss #2). We were just having casual conversations and he happened to ask about the work, of which I said ok (you never say work is not fine to your boss ma!), except that the internet is a little inconvenient (What little, it's DAMN inconvenient ok!) I went about elaborating how I realised it was actually a 'tradition' passed down from the 'parent'. We are separated now, but the policies remain unchanged. Yes, yesterday's technology to do tomorrow's work. I never really expected him to put in a request for me, really. Internal billing: $4.95/mth.

I mentioned it to B1 (boss #1) before who said probably cannot because the rest of the SAs don't have it. (HUH? sounds like what RK said to me last time. If other people don't make noise, then we also cannot make noise. Totally lost all respect for her!) Nevermind, I will not insist on it cos, we got to be fair right? In my heart, I thought, how convinving can he be when he has internet connection himself. He does..project management, some bit of database stuff, 0 programming. He has never touched JAVA - the language they use for WEB-BASED development projects. I suspect, when he was doing his coding in his younger days, it was never for a web-based project either.

They never get it. The MEN (yah, MEN again!) don't get it. Let me tell you, even if the PC is right in front of me where I have to shift my lazy butt out of my seat to get to it, I will be 'too lazy' to use it.

Still, I'm not happy. I'm not the first SA to get internet connection. There was one but she no longer works here. I wish the rest of the SAs could have internet connection. Its a necessity, not a luxury item! Was complaining to an ex-colleauge over the MSN as usual, he said, 'no internet, no work' :P

Sigh, now, I feel like, the more privileges they give you, the harder you're supposed to work. The lap top is on the way. It's supposed to help me with demos and presentations. :( No internet, complain. Got internet, also complain. Too tuff.

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