Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm not Excited Over Anything

There's a problem with me. I don't get excited over anything anymore. Not work, not life, not when someone gets married, not when someone gives birth. I'm numb to so many things, I find. Seriously, I don't find myself getting excited at the thought that someone is tying the knot soon and making the bold move to get on into the next phase of life. To me, its just the 'next phase'.

I met a friend at the gym yesterday who told me his solemization was in 2 weeks time, which explains why he's at the gym after a binge trip to BKK. I didn't even say a word of congrats. It sounds just like any of those, my birthday is tomorrow, I'm going to have dinner with XYZ. It sounds just like another activity. What's new? What's wrong with me?

Weddings are boring. Food and gatherings, that's what it is. And mostly, I see the couple walking through the motion of it all. Instead of seeing real joy, I see a sense of tiredness from being up and about the entire day. It's almost mechanical and sometimes done because the parents want it so.

Babies, they're cute. Erm, that's about it. Besides, not all babies grow up to be angels. Some contribute to the spoilt brats I see running wild at the shopping malls.
I cannot recall when was the last time I was truly excited or elated about anything. Or perhaps, it's been too long anything happened to really touch me. Despite the many things I do, life is just life. It goes on. The sun will shine like the earth will continue with its orbit around the sun.

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