Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Told You MEN Are Irritating

Irritating MAN #1

2 days ago, I was at Chinatown, wanting to take a look at beads and pearls. So I went to Mix and Match. There was a man distributing pamphlets for what turned out to be for a facial place. He handed me a brochure, but didn't let go. He pulled me towards him with the brochure and said i should really try this DNA crap thing. Handed me over to his 2 SYT salesy people. They asked me to sit down in a chair and instantly covered me with a towel. They want to really make sure you don't run away huh? First you hand me a brochure that you won't let go, then you cover me with a towel (the way they do when you go for facials).

Trial? What rots! They gave me the sales pitch. I had to spend $58 to do a trial of their DNA shit. Of cos I didn't buy it. I didn't see the need to waste money. But the salesgirls so cleverly tell me that its not a waste of money and very worth it. I repeated myself 3 times loud and clear. THERE IS NO NEED TO. CRAP. Now that i think about it, they are so pushy here in public, what more when you visit their salon.

IDIOT. I should have just let go and walk away when he didn't let go of the brochure.

Irritating MAN #2

I'm not fat, I really am not. And therefore I don't understand why someone else who is also not fat has to take HIS place beside me and still have his hip and thigh in contact with mine when he is on the outter seat and I am squeezed all the way in. I felt like just telling him, Mister, can you please not sit so close to me. But I figure not lest he says something else to disgrace me in public space. I don't like it when strangers sit in that proximity to me, male or otherwise. That is MY space.

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