Monday, November 21, 2005

Close Shave

I went for a meeting and then a late lunch at the Hub. Their offices are modelled exactly like mine. Or rather, I think it's the other way round. I finally realised why, I don't have internet access on MY machine. 2 years ago, what they hired were what they considered 'lowly programmers'. Today, the programmers have become Systems Analysts but still sit in the 'outside' cubicles alongside the rest of the non-executives who do not have internet access. It's really a case of old mindset not adjusting to new challenges and demands. So therefore, I am expected to produce tomorrow's quality work with yesterday's technology. What a paradox!


Must go and buy 4D already. I dropped my wallet but managed to find it back. Its the first time I got back my lost wallet within the hour. The finder was an elderly ah ma. She picked it up and was just waiting for someone to be back to claim it. I was really thankful.


I noticed the cleaners at Gourmet Paradise are very grumpy and defensive. They seem to be pushing responsibilities around and not a little helpful and at the same time have a major dislike for their supervisor. Very unlike the typical retired older adults I'm used to. The kinder ones answered me, the less kind ones, just asked me to ask someone else. I approached one and asked if she's seen a lost wallet. No was her reply. Then I asked if there's any lost and found. She only gestured for me to ask 'the one in white'. But I have no idea what that is because there are many people in white. It took be many attempts before she told me 'the one in white' is the supervisor, who obviously is no where to be seen.

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