Friday, November 11, 2005

Charity Begins At Home

Charity begins at home. Today I realised that my colleauges were actually forced to donate to Community Chest every month through their payroll. Donations come from your heart but yet, the amount to be donated is "criticised". Huh? Only $1? Well, I wouldn't mind donating 1K if I earned 10K every month! I seriously don't know which camp they belong to. I think its only a matter of time its my turn, once he realises it.

I've never been a huge fan of recurring donations. I mean, so what if you have the dollars and cents. And especially if you're well-to-do, money is really nothing. If you really have the heart, I think its even better if you volunteer your services than volunteer your money.

Does it make you less of a good person if you don't donate to THIS charity? I'm not against cash contributions, but when you're mentally and psychologically forced to donate because your manager or your VP or your managing director forces you to..the more I think about it, the more I wonder if all you're trying to do is to get publicity for the company than the charity.

I parted with $100 recently for Club Rainbow. And for goodness sake, I still need to pay for GST. And the person hawking it to me told me that "people normally donate $50/mth". In my mind, I was thinking, do you get commission for this? Are you sure most people donate $50/mth? That's $600/year. The minimun option on the form was $30/mth. Mind you, each deduction still incurs a charge, which explains why people pay once a year. If one can be forking out the money for a good cause, shouldn't these miscellaneous charges be waived? I asked if there are other ways of helping, he briefing told me about bringing the kids out for outings while still emphasising that "normal" people can only help financially because special training is required for the rest. This roughly translates to...I want you to donate money.

If I call in to some xx foundation/society, its not toll free and not GST free and who earns? My bet, the service providers. Which is why, I never did.

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