Thursday, November 17, 2005

1 month

I am 1 month old. Should I celebrate? I'm seriously peeved with no internet, yet I cannot do anything about it, much less be able to justify asking for one. It's just really sickening. Especially when the people who say NO have internet access. Especially when I know internet to an IT person is not a luxury but a necessity. Especially when I know the only reason is so that they don't trust you enough to give it to you (They are worried you will spend time not working).

Spent the past 2 days struggling to figure my way with Eclipse, without the internet. WTH. Pissed. I'm not getting anywhere. Just how much do you expect from someone who has hardly used IDEs. Seriously, the hard part is never the programming. But THIS.

Today, had a meeting with my 2 bosses about the meeting tomorrow. The only good thing, I get to steal a few more z's cos the location is nearer home.

We were discussing a large scale project that easily needed us to get another 10 programmers. And this was what my very "tactful" boss said.

Don't mind ah..(Like I have a choice to say I mind. Nonsense.)
"We could get contract programmers on 2 year contract. 1 year development, 1 year warranty, covers the project. If we don't need them after that, we don't have to renew them."

Very practical. Well, I take it that I should also consider leaving once my time is up. I guess, I'll be practical about my stay too. Truth be spoken, I don't even feel for the company because I'm on contract. I don't feel proud of my company or even feel I belong to this place. Maybe it's too early to make a judgement now. But its probably something that's feeding the lifestyle now. Its just another transaction and another job. Career? Far from it.

I told myself that I will give IT one last chance. If it doesn't work, looks like I'll really be executing my plan B in 1 - 2 years time.

Walking back just now, I was thinking...If I were on contract, why then am I also subjected to probation?! 6 months is not a short probation!

So much about being 1 month old.

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