Saturday, October 15, 2005


I went for WDO on a Sunday, very hot afternoon. The tentage set up was normal. There were alot of people. I registered and number tags were given out. My number is very nice! (222)

I think it was very badly organised and I am very ashamed to call myself Singaporean.

Some of the Ms Fitness contestants didn't respond too well. When asked what aerobic class would she teach if she were an instructor, they cited high impact aerobics! OMG! High impact aerobics is no longer taught since the days of Jane Fonda. It is deemed to cause too much injury to the participant le! No way!

I was very impressed (not to mention very proud) of the 51 year old contestant. When asked who was her fitness role model, she cited herself. Because at her age, looking this good and being this fit, she is proud to represent women her age! WOW! She deserves my respect.

As I was going off, I spotted someone with the maroon bag. On second looks, I think I like the very bright orange one better. The design of the maroon one didn't look very nice afterall. There was a side pocket which jutted out and I think it looks quite ugly.

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