Thursday, October 13, 2005

NbyN for a 2nd time

Finally dragged my butt out of the house to do a reshoot there. I could only do a reshoot on a weekday day time. This is the result of giving in to temptation some 6 months ago. They had just opened ma, lesser people and could afford better service.

They didn't get a consultant to come and "look after" me and pick a dress for me. I wasn't too pleased with the service this time round. The make-up was nice though.

I finally chose this sexy pink dress which looks red on all the pictures. The second shoot was a leather theme shoot! Woohoo! Alas, their pants were all either too small or too short. The boots' zip had came off too....

I'm entitled to 2 free makeovers a year, for life. So if anyone is going for DnD, let me know. Cos I doubt I will really be using it.

I finally went home after some 3 or 4 hours. Very tired.

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