Sunday, October 23, 2005

My New Colleauges

Seems like this is an ok place to be in. Ok bosses, no terrible working hours like CL. This is what I hear so far from my colleauges. The people around me are tall once again.

The world is really small. It turn out that LL was the classmate of 3 of my ex-colleauges! She's very tall and looks underweight. There is Mich, who is quite well dressed. Petite in size, I think she dresses quite well and does not really look like IT person (like me). She is a Ms No-Sun girl, so as you can guess, she is very fair. I think she likes pink and hello kitty. The 2 of them are all 2 years younger than me and 2 years old in the company.

There there's the product dev engineer who joined just in Feb this year. He's a Malaysian from JB and graduated last year I think from NTU CE. Reminds me a lot of CW. Actually, I don't know the difference between SA and product dev engineer. The work they do seems the same. He was the one who help me to install the JRun and MS-SQL on my machine. He thinks I am very li hai when I told him last time I do coding with textpad.

There is Darr who I also have lunch with but don't really know him yet. Seems the other 3 SA don't really lunch together. They have lunch on their own. Sometimes my boss will lunch with us. Thy guys here are very typical nan ren alot of techie and gadget and work talk. I am glad got the other 2 gals.

There are only 3 miserable gals. Technology is a small group. There are only 7 SA including me. And together we handle all the applications in the company and we have to do our own programming. I wonder how they did it last time. Anyway, I will know in time to come. I am the oldest among the young people (those who did not come from HDB days) there. The oldest before that was from 1979 leh. I am really getting old. :(

On my second day of work, all the dua bai all treat me to lunch together with the rest of the SA. I feel so stressed. Cos I found out that they have never done this before. I think boss treat you to eat is not very good. It means you have to work doubly hard for him!

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