Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Just in Heaven

This is about a workaholic doctor, Elizabeth who was supposed to be home for dinner to be introduced to landscape engineer David but unfortunately met with an accident and landed in coma.

She is not yet dead, but her spirit lingers. She only has a vague memory of her name and nothing else. Coincidently, her apartment is rented to David who happens to be the only person to be able to see and hear her. She is not happy with having an intruder "ruin" her home.
Realising David is the only person to be able to see her, she soughts his help. David finds out that Elizabeth is a doctor in coma. Upon finding out the truth, David is a changed man and he looks at Eliz in a different light. He cares for her like a friend. He emerges as a different person who finally managed to pick up the broken pieces in his life and move on. Their encounters slowly brought them close and eventually fell in love.

David wasn't able to convince Eliz's sister, and they are about to pull off the life support system because Eliz was never a believer that one should artificially prolong life. Finally he decided on stealing the body from the hospital with Elizabeth's help so he could think of a way for Eliz to get back into her body. At the hospital, David discovers that the girl he was supposed to meet that fateful day was Elizabeth. They did not succeed in stealing the body. Along the way Elizabeth was pulled off life support and seemed to be slowly dying but she woke.

It ought to be joyful but it was not for David. Eliz could not remember who he was! He could only walk away, sadly. The day Eliz was discharged, she found David on her rooftop (which the landscape engineer had transformed into a beautiful garden. He remembered she wanted to do it). When Eliz asked for the key before he left, their hands touched and she knew David was not a stranger. She finally remembers him. And as all fairy tales do, it ends with a happy ending.

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