Saturday, October 29, 2005

"J Lowe" says

Make-up is 'illegal' for the men, so they need a well-groomed lady beside them to increase their value. So ladies, hear this, we are just vases. Maybe that's what the real corporate world is really like. Chanuvinistic.

If you're curve, wear no more than 1 straight. Heck! All the corporate wear available are either plain or straight! A flowery (curved patterns) print just doesn't really cut it right at business meetings? Looking at the pictures she produced, I half suspect the way to look professional is to look like "auntie".

The bigger the bag, the lower your IQ. I'm supposed to carry a small bag (to look expensive) and a document bag, a laptop and if I want to visit the gym, all my gym stuff? I think I'll look like a klutz for having to handle so many things, squeeze into the morning crowd on public transport and in the process drop something, who knows if it's the laptop :P

The smaller the heel, the lesser you work. => no heels, no need to work? The only option you have is either big heels or small heels it seems. Whoever the idiot who invented the heel shoe, obviously does not know how much a health hazard it poses, to your lower back and it deforms feet. Each time I attempt to wear one of those, one of my toe nail dies. I've tried it many times. I can't be wrong. My engineer friend has many as FOUR pairs of shoes under her desk, including a pair of worksite boots.

Colouring your face. The SQ gals are paid to look pretty. They expect us to be the same. Enough said. I'm not going to go on about how makeup is bad for your skin when you don't have clog free skin to begin with.

We ought to dress up corporate for business meetings and even being prepared to go for one anytime. But when the likelihood is so low (like now), should I continue to dress so my computer will say WOW? But for that matter, I'm sure my computer would love me whether I look like rag doll or barbie doll.

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