Tuesday, October 04, 2005


What is a Haha Crab?

I was at J8 yesterday after an ok lunch, trying to show a friend this new coffee bean corner outside Watsons. There was also a new shop there, selling hermit crabs. It didn't come cheap at $25 for 1 and $45 for 2 all packed in nice sandy containers to mimic the sandy habitat it is accustomed to. The crabbies were in little colourful shells. Very pretty, very unique. I think it would do very nicely for a present. It was then that I found out that these crabbie need to constantly look for new homes. So you place a shell near it and it would change its home on its own! Never attempt to change homes for it because it would rather allow itself to be torn apart than leave its protective home.

I would say its an innovative idea. Hermit crabs don't cost much do they? There's plenty of them on the beaches of Malaysia I think? And certain places in Singapore. By giving the crabs colourful homes (aka shells) and doing up a "home" for it, and voila! You can make some money from these hermit crabs, a creature no one would usually take a second look at.

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