Wednesday, October 19, 2005

First Impressions

First impressions are important. Technologies is small but I have a big company (with a new office) to thank. From the furniture to the stationary and the benefits. To my lovely surprise, there's a gym here! But then it ain't free. Overall, it's fairly structured and fairly well organised on part of HR. It's not the best but I know i shouldn't be complaining.

Everything was good until I found out that all the SAs had no Internet access. By any standards, an IT job had to have internet access! I am starting to feel the pain. Yesterday, I planted myself right there in front of the shared internet PC along the corridor for half the day. I felt like I was hogging the terminal. But what can I do? I needed to do a competitor analysis of 15 competitors and I had 3 days to do it.

I feel kind of cheated. The manager addresses all those SAs there as "programmers" throughout the briefing. It means I'm probably another one of those "programmers" :( They came in fresh from school over the past 2 years. I'm the oldest bird around the SAs. This is not good news too.
All in all there are only about 10++ people, max 20 in this team, inclusive of the losing hair or white haired big shots and business development people. I don't feel the warmth and synergy among the people here. Maybe not yet. I think I'll just keep my fingers crossed for now.

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