Saturday, October 22, 2005

Colour/Style Me Beautiful

Geez. Its a Saturday and I have to wake up early cos the company sent me to this course together with 5 other colleauges. 2 older guys and 3 other gals, engineers and IT people by profession.

I made a new friend today, engineer from 22th floor. She joined only 4 months ago. And similarly one of the few rare species of gals there.

The trainer was Sony, thats her name. The course was fun and interesting in the morning. They went through the Spring Summer Autumn Winter of colours. I'm Spring-Autumn. (Spring-Autumn != Autumn-Spring). I think its because I think its cos I'm quite dark (though still very fair by many people's standards) now. She said I can take Summer if I fix my teeth. Bah...ok, I still want to fix it anyway. The reason is because Summer colours attracts attention to your mouth and Spring, to your eyes. She also said that I'm very talkative (cos I cannot keep still). Err...?? I can talk and I can talk a lot if I want to but talkative? Anyway, the course taught us how to look at cool/warm, bright/muted and deep/light colours.

I didn't like the lipstick colours she chose for me though they were spring-autumn colours. I had to use 3 lipsticks together simply cos using 1 on its own was very flat?

I didn't like the Style Me section. It talks about styles of clothing you can and cannot wear. They tell you things like the kind of specs you can wear, the watches and accessories, makeup, shoes and hairstyles. That taught us how to made ourself look 'expensive'.

Well, I guess this is really tailored for business corporate. She doesn't understand the meaning of technical work at all. Mind you, the engineers and architects have to go on site you know? I mean, safety helmets and boots all in. Here are some statements made:

The bigger the bag, the lower your IQ.
The smaller the heel, the less you have to work.
Number clock faces are for children below 12.
Women should not wear pants cos it shows where your features start and stop.

She was also pretty judgemental in a sense that we could tell she was dead against colouring of hair. Because it was a no-no for pregnant women. So even if you're not carrying a baby, doesn't mean that the chemicals do not harm you. She was really dead against it.

My goodness. Imagine attending a meeting with managers and VPs and ending up looking like their bosses. I don't think we want that either. So really, just take things with a pinch of salt. Sometimes, beauty is just not practical.

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