Monday, October 24, 2005

1 Week

I still hate the thing about the internet. You know how when its not your machine, there's loads of junk and other people's preferences you have to be mindful over. The older folks like huge words so they can see. If you view - text size, its set to 'largest'. I like smaller fonts so I can fit almost everything into the screen instead of scrolling up down left right. The preferences and customisation are just not there. And of course, each time I have to login to check my email to my inconvenience. This is the first time I hear about business people having more grounds to have internet and not technical IT people who need to do programming and all other IT stuff like current technology trends, resources. To and IT person, the internet is your answer to everything. However, management views that IT people only need the internet on an adhoc basis when we need to download something.

My cube is still very empty. This does not seem to be a place I feel a sense of belonging to. There is just a 1-litre Nalgene water bottle, very scratched from my mishandling and lots of paper on the table. My computer, the specs is not bad but it doesn't feel like mine. Everything is left as it is, with the default Acer wallpaper staring at me.

I met the MD yesterday evening. He seems like an impatient man. Talks fast, loudly and sounds as though he is very agitated and/or irritated. You worry if he is like that because you made it to be so. He just got off the plane and came straight to office. He told me that my wrap skirt cannot go for meeting. Bleah. Of course I know it, but I'm not meeting people what! It seems that he is one of those who is about to strictly adhere to what Colour/Style-Me-Beautiful says. C'est la vie.

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