Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yogi Bear died

Someone told me today that someone else had collapsed (the person died) while doing yoga class! OMG! Yoga has never quite been "safe" and never quite considered a "sport" or "exercise" like pilates in the fitness sense. Hence, maybe the term "wellness"? Were they born because they are like "alternative healing"?

Anyway, seems my friend seemed to have known the person, the person was classified under "special population" for having a list of health concerns with hypertension and heart problem among the list.

Yoga asanas (I learnt this term recently from the newspapers, it means yoga positions, cmiiw), we know consists of a sequence of poses. Some of which, requires you to have your head very low, the next minute, right up at the top.

I've experienced the dizzy spells myself for doing that too fast, even more when I'm feeling a lack of blood in the body (blood contains oxygen). Now, I understand that its caused by a sudden change in your blood pressure. It's the same reason why some people experience "black out" when they change positions from squatting to standing in an instant.

The person had hypertension. Hypertension and blood pressure. Blood pressure and heart problems. You would have guessed by now. The person collapsed due to that. It's really scary that something seemingly "easy" like yoga can cause one to collapse.

Take care my dear friends!

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