Saturday, September 17, 2005


It was a mistake to take a cab to City Hall to meet J. The cab driver smart aleck some more want to take a different route cos scared jam (and butter) ma. Ya la...end up near city hall also jam. Normally it would only cost me about $7. It cost me a whooping $12. Heart pain sia, and I alighted halfway while still stuck in the jam.

Dinner was crowded everywhere. She wanted to da bao. I thought can chop chop eat there. But she don't seem to be in a hurry. We left to go to the bus stop at 730pm. I think there were many people like us, going to the same destination. The bus came. It was too crowded to be able to board. We took the MRT to Kallang instead and walked. To my dismay, she couldn't really walk that fast. We were late, expected. It was 820pm.

Late and flustered, there was security check and we couldn't bring food in...jia latz....And the took my camera. So though sitting there you can take good pictures like that. Siao. It didn't occur to me to ask B to come out and eat her dindin... :( It didn't occur to me she was already there! Haiya..brain not working.

Frankly, its quite dumb. "Please consume your food outside or dispose of it". It suddenly occurred to me that there are hundreds and thousands of children in Ethopia who are poor and starving. You're asking us to THROW FOOD AWAY! All because you have this dumb food counter so that I can buy your expensive-and-not-nice-to-eat food at pirate prices?! A sandwich actually costs $5. Its just a normal sandwich, mind you! I can easily make a chicken sandwich that tastes 10 times better! A TINY cup of lemon tea cost $2!

I realised row36 is the last row, the highest row you can get on the right side of the stage and the group of seats that was at the fartherest corner :( Then of the 4 seats, i had the farthest one too. Just my luck. I thought usually u will choose some better seats ma. Yah..should really buy your own tix next time.

The show was about to start, but not yet started. This 1d1ot1c woman had the guts to sorry-finger-to-lip us. It wasn't as if I was talking at the top of my lungs. There was nothing on stage for you to see anyway, what did she want to hear anyway! Pretending to be cultured? Bahh..I forgot to add that her average size boyfriend kept fidgeting in his seat and leaning over to my side of the arm rest. Quite peeved with it.

The seat allowed me to get a view of the evercool sound people with the many many channel mixer. So cool. (Of cos, I was once one) And the musicians too. There was a black curtain blocking our view of the stage. The speakers too. The backdrop and the props on the whole stage could not be seen. I was sian half.

Overall, the logistics was quite poorly managed. But Jacky is still Jacky. He is really good. Nnadia was also great and Evonne too. The performers all did very well. After watching the show of elaborate dance choreography and costumes. It really make me feel like doing a dance class, modern jazz especially. But I feel like hip hop too....

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