Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday Night at the CBW

I'm pissed. The meeting time was supposed to be 530pm. I reached at close to 6pm. We started off at almost 7pm. Quite a few of us took cab there some more. Do you know cab to this place easily cost almost $20? I think this show is quite lousily and unprofessionally run frankly. All because its all 'kawan kawan'.

Let's face it. People just wanna have fun and play and eat. The turnout for this event was 3 full tables. Easily about 30 people. The activities are ok. The company was ok. The theme was ok (It's lantern festival). But I feel there are things that have to be taken seriously. If this is the future of tprc, then we also need some standards. Life is not just about playing and having fun. Ok, I know that we should also know how to have fun.

We started off at about 7pm, reached the CBW, saw the sunset, which wasn't too fantastic. But at least I've been to CBW. It brought back many memories because I spent a large time of my childhood at this Changi Beach Club. My aunt and uncle were members then and they often brought my ah ma there to play jackpot. The beach, the restaurant by the sea and the salt water swimming pool, the scenery really trigger many memories of the past. I was just a kid of about 4 or 5 years old.

As usual, u see the clicks in their clicks and me with no click. :P Time past quickly and we returned to Changi Village for the sumptous curry fish head dinner. It tasted very good. Portions ordered were just right.

As night fell, we walked to Changi Beach with our lanterns lit. We decorated the trees with our lanterns as we start to see people gather in groups either chit chatting or "cai deng mi" or playing with "sparkles".

The stay at CBW was too short, we did not even finish walking a single trail. I think I will come back again. For phototaking too... :) CBW is a quiet place, very tranquil and peaceful. I think I will be back.

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