Thursday, September 15, 2005


I first saw her at 1930 at the stair landing outside my house. Alone and scared. Growling slightly as I approached. But she's really a docile little thing.

2230, now 1 floor down. Still alone and misses owner badly. Very sad. My heart ached. The poor thing is obviously someone's pet. Alone and scared, hungry, nothing to eat. I reckon, the doggie is abandoned, not lost. No collar. No obvious signs of illness or skin diseases. Fairly young dog, of 2 - 3 years old (by my lousy judgement). Didn't smell too. And tail perpetually down all the time.

Would the owner not try to search if your darling doggie went missing? Would you not know that your dear doggie is missing?

We brought some food for her. She didn't want to eat at first, but was probably so hungry in the end, she ate a little. I couldn't bring a female dog home could I? Anyway, when I left to return home, she was by the stairs, looking forlorn. Would my owner come for me and bring me back? *tears roll down in my heart* She finally cheered up a little before I left to go home, after some coaxing to eat some food and attempting to play with her.

Whoever the owner is, I hope you bring her back or I certainly hope you'll be guilt-stricken all your life.


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