Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Myth

Jackie Chan rocks. The amazing thing is I was never a very GREAT fan of his.

It was a lazy afternoon. I was at the cinema near my house, the timing was just right. So I bought myself a tix to the latest Jackie Chan show and 2 very beautiful ladies by his side.

This show is quite different from the rest, that have become somewhat stale in its very slapstick like comedies, way past its gongfu heydays. This one is really different. I liked, no, loved this one.

It was a wonderful blend between ancient Chinese, Indian and the modern HK society and a mythological dream, spoken in Canton, English, Chinese and Indian. The show weaves in an out of Jackies dream showing his previous life as a great general and his love, his modern identity as an archaeologist and his passion for the work he does who discovers the secret behind the principles of levitation, which in turn leads him to discover a floating city in a cave hidden the waterfall held afloat by this "stone" from perhaps outerspace.

The scenes in the shows are very beautiful. I loved that waterfall~!
That jump was somewhat, impossible, though.

As with all Jackie Chan shows, there were the NGs...
Watching it was so OUCH..they were fighting on this platform some x metres above the ground and he fell down! All that flying around dangling on the steel wires were really no joke man! You know, you can really control where you go when you're "flying" so there were many collisions and accidental landings.


Overall: 5 thumbs up!

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