Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mizuno Pyjamas

This is the 2nd piece of pyjamas I'm getting in 8 days. A men's cut L sized dryfit t-shirt. As long as it doesn't fit, even if its made of cashmere or silk or gold, it's just going to be...pyjamas. It's a huge disappointment, especially when you are told to specify your t-shirt size during registration. I figured, many people who did not collect the sizes they specified.

Conclusion, they ought to have guessed that, males do take S sizes, as well as the ladies. So, BRING MORE OF IT IN. It's only common sense.

That's not all. The goodie bags at the end had no water in it.

Overall, the planning was not good at all. Water ran out at the 2nd and 3rd water points. Goodie bags collected towards the end had no water and earlier people got up to 2 bottles. Things were much less professionally handled.

As a participant, it was a pain to have to stop at traffic lights, breaking your momentum.

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