Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Man Loitering Outside Ladies

What would you do if you saw this man keeping watch over the ladies?

I was at Cineleisure yesterday. Looking for a movie to watch at 3pm. No shows. I decided to visit the ladies before heading home.

There was a man outside the ladies. Middle-aged, dressed in a short sleeve shirt and pants with a semi-casual look. He did not look like some identified personel or security. It was very obvious he was outside the ladies and not the gents. I STARED at him. And he cooly told me to use the handicapped toilet.

I went into the handicapped toilet. Something is amiss. This is not right. I came out of the handicap toilet before even using it. Took a back peep before I left. The man was still there. I left.

Now thinking about it, what's that man doing there? In my whole life, I've only seem gals outside the gents (because the ladies was too full or the queue was too long and its either very early in the morning or very late at night.) and not the other way round.

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