Saturday, September 03, 2005

Interview 10

Cham, I'm beginning to lose interest in job searches for what I studied for. It doesn't totally sound like good news to me.

Anyway, it was drizzling. I was caught in the drizzles. The location is good, only some 20 minutes by bus and I had 2 direct buses. This, to me is really quite a rarity and a luxury.

The interviewer was a young chap and caught me by surprise. Quite surprisingly good looking too! But I think that's because he's young. Then again, not every young chap is good looking. I thought he look a little like Chris Lee! Very rare to find good looking people in this profession, you know?

Interview was ok, he told me that several (SEVERAL!) other people (including that of your future team members, what a weird thing. But I do understand their rationale for doing so.) were supposed to sit in but couldn't, due to a last minute meeting. Told me that I might have to come down for 1 more interview if needed. (Meaning I had to come down for 3 instead of 2 interviews if I were to be successful)

Job was ok. The guy appeared quite nice. Location is good. That's about it.

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