Saturday, September 24, 2005

I Love My Avocado Milkshake~!

That's the one an only avocado milkshake at AV! Yum, still as slurpilicious as ever~! I went there with Bee after NB shopping at the ulu comtech place. Feels like going back to CL again. I miss those days. Friday afternoons at AV, youg tau foo + avocado milkshake!

We bought...1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of socks and 1 top each. ~$~ again. The gal was really very helpful. I'll also feel bad if I don't buy lor. *excuses* :P But hey, you don't get good service everyday you know?

Testing the shoe there, I realise how flat my shoe has become after the stepping all over it for the past year battering it to bits by running and jumping in it. It has served me well, how can I forget. My sports shoes wear out _that_ fast. Within half a year, the cushioning is no longer as fantastic. But I got no $ to buy my beloved A6. So settle for NB la. No fish prawn also good. Don't think I'll get another just do it next time anymore. The new ones all seem to be easier to spoil and sky high prices. I boycott!

Since we are there, we might as well pay good ol Queensway SC a visit. Too bad, we couldn't find a decent, economical, long sleeved, quick dry (woah, thats a long list, we're quite demanding hor?) that is well suited to the harsh, rugged environment of camping.

Ok, I've decided. My Salomon will follow me to Sungei Yong.

I just finished reading the letter of offer too. I think I'll take this one.

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