Thursday, September 29, 2005


I signed my freedom away today. I feel very depressed that I am losing my freedom soon. Is this a sign that I should get out of this line? Look at it, I'm jobless, I rejected several offers before this one came along. Why is it that I'm not exicited that I'm about to start work? *confused*

I met the MD. He wants me to attend a course. Guess what course? Grooming course. It caught me by surprise really. It's by Jill Lowe. I don't like her style. Her style is the style but its probably not mine. But nevermind. I'm supposed to learn how to dress appropriately and corporately I guess? Geez, and I thought I can wear something more comfy to work since there is no official dress code. There goes my dreams of dressing in jeans :(

On my way out, I saw a couple of posters that caught my attention. Advertisements on fitness classes during lunch and after work. I got pretty excited at that prospect. It's very obvious where my interest lies...Still I dared not to be too happy, maybe I'll be so bz that being able to attend these classes will not be my entitlement cos I have a lot of work and responsibilities to fulfill. Maybe I'm supposed to be so busy that I am not supposed to have time for these. :(

I am filled with apprehension.

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