Monday, September 19, 2005

Crazy IV

First, I had to present to a panel of 4.
Then, I had to sell a biz idea.

Then the no. 1 man in the company wants to see me.
I met a total of 6 people from the company already.

And of all the places, it was at this KPT at Swisotel, buffet breakfast.

He was very strict. And he interogated me alot.
Asked me about my family, my past history etc.
I really mean...INTEROGATE.

Its weird how yayapapaya = more confident.
I didn't give this co a d*** cos, its a *** ma....
I don't have good impression of *** and I had so many "assignments" to do.
Almost didn't feel like going for round 1 at first, cos I didn't know how to do my homework.

Looks like I might get to see a letter.

Still, I rather not be too hopeful. I've gone for many rounds with others too.
Look what happened? They took me for a joyride and take me for a fool.

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