Monday, September 12, 2005

CPT - Symposium

The symposium ended yesterday. It was a wow-WOW-wow. I never know that it was that difficult to pass! Only about 50% of the people pass in the US. Only about 30% of the people pass in Europe! I was having dinner with this professor who was here to give the symposium. I asked him how is it that they make sure that no questions ever repeat themselves. He told me about how they go about analyzing the data they get from each was double WOW! As I was seated outside the exam room, I see the expressions of each candidate as they came out...I suddenly feel a sense of stress & relief! Cos I have been through this same overload and it was really sheer sheer torture. Some people wonder why I passed already then still wasting my time there. While some people who didn't know about it wonder why I was not in the exam. I know, I only have Shirley to thank.

I also found out many things. Its such a dark world there. So many people are not trained or qualified! And they are teaching and training and such.....its so scary. Luckily I took this course or I would never have known! Its a really wu ren zi di world leh...

Chinese hosts, as usual, always stuff the guests with food. Over the few days, the presenters had their fill of durians, steamboat, nasi lemak, rotiboy, onde onde, soon kueh, satay, ba chang, ba kua, liang teh (the weather was very hot ma), shredded chicken noodles (which he said was like angel-hair pasta) etc. He's the first of the presenters to actually get to take a ride on our MRT le...He loved the rotiboy, hated the durians and ohh the satay!

Yesterday, we brought one of the presenters to eat the famous frog porridge at Chinartown! He was one adventurous soul. I think the gong-bao porridge chef's skills has improved. The body of the frog doesn't seem so difficult to eat now! It also surprised me to see that he actually ate the raw-fish with such delight.

Chinatown walk was quite fun cos its near the lantern festival now. There are many mooncakes and chinatown market is bustling with activities and bazaars. We got him some stuff like the very traditional sorts of lanterns (the one with the cellaphane paper) for his 4 kids, pomelos...

Sometimes I think and I wonder whether we have "overfed" him. Just hope the next time he's back here, he's not scared of us!

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