Sunday, September 18, 2005

ClubFiTT & Changi Cliff

It was a rainy morning, too nice to sleep in. I dragged myself out of bed. I look like Mr Bean, decked in gym gear, carrying this bright yellow umbrella in hand. (It was drizzling)

I learnt something new today. A guy was doing his squats on the rack machine. He had this back support belt on him and his friend wasn't wearing one. As he was doing his exercise, Shir pointed out to me how the belt is a lousy thing to have. The one with the belt had his abs loosened (vs the friend who didn't have a belt), which means he was using the belt to support his back and not using his abs to do the work. I never thought about this before!

Phew! Thank goodness they were still at Changi Cliff! I had forgot to call them to check before going! Senile me, I even deliberately reminded myself the night before. I abseiled twice and picked up many saga seeds through the course of the 4 hours. It was a pleasure being "participant". I think this is the mindset I'm going to adopt in future. :P

Someone asked me..ehh, I managed to find my way there ah. I was frankly a little offended, as though I was not supposed to be able to find my way there on my own. WTH. Anyway, I replied of course, I've been here before. A case of men can't listen and women can't read maps? I beg to differ. I know of many other women who can read maps. And a much lesser number of men who can listen.

I hitched a ride to Toa Payoh. They washed the equipment. I oiled the krabs. Before heading home, I saw the most beautiful rainbow over Toa Payoh. Its pretty unusual to see a rainbow in a new town.

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