Saturday, September 10, 2005

Active Day

I was involved in the fitness assessment for active day for this company. It was a fun-filled day amidst the CPT Symposium filled with much mess and excitement. Yah, there were the nice people who tried to tell me that the CPT exam was very difficult and somehow tried to advise me against "skipping lectures". I smiled and said nothing.

Fitness assessments don't come cheap you know? I think, any company thats willing to spend money on fitness assessments, must be a good company. No? Well, because all my previous companies had no such thing. Then again, I figured the money probably came from their "ah gong", they had to spend it, otherwise, they wouldn't be getting any of it anyway.

There was the 5-station fitness assessment and the 10-station fitness circuit competiton.

You have the usual stuff conducted to determine your muscular strength/endurance, cardiovascular health, BMI, hip-waist ratios and flexibility tests. The result was expected. Most of the population tested needed more exercise and had very tight muscles. At the end of the day, an aerobic exercise suitable for the state of their health was recommended for them.

The fitness competition was err....overrated. We were told there would be 32 teams. In the end there were only about 10. I suspect, the teams had no idea what was going on. It was a mess. Anyway, everyone cheated. I expected it. *bleah* Well, I don't blame the people for disappearing. What is a better "excuse" to "disappear" from work and go home "early" on a hot, sweltering Friday afternoon?

We are facing a greying population. Looking at the state of health our people are in.....In time to come, it will be a sickly population? Anyway, I guess it takes time for people to realise, that health cannot be taken for granted.

I cannot emphasize enough, look at the people around me who exercise *a lot*. They look way younger than they really are. How's that for motivation?

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