Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Its so interesting to be able to form something meaninful out of your name.

Sports Health Integrated Resolution! Too bad, it ain't my name :P Its Shir's first try at a fitness convention, and for having 20 years of experience to back her, its certainly quite successful! But of course, there were many things that could have been better. I also opened my eyes to many things and it was very insightful. There certainly exists all sorts of people in the world.

I have been kept busy over the weekend. Doing so many admin stuffs. Even have to be coolie, carry the silly 20kg olympic bar. So heavy! Those atheletes actually train by loading more weights on these olympic bars! Siao one.

The presenters flew over from US, HK & Australia. They were really nice people. :) Michael's flight delayed and he only arrived in Singapore at 6am! Gosh, it took him a total of 12 hours for him to reach Singapore from HK. He may be from HK but he's really a mixed German Chinese and as you can guess, very good looking :P Tom is a fatherly old man, very helpful and doesn't have the air of a "professor" or "dr". At 62, he's certainly very very healthy and strong. Roger is the other author, he looks after Tom very well. Ok, that's all about the people who are from NSCA. There were also other presenters like Bradly from AOK. Oh, I managed to get the authors to autograph my CPT text. Its just so exciting and cOOl!

I bought a copper coloured fitball, so pretty! I've been yearning for one for ages now. Know what? I'm so terribly tempted by the mediball certification course now. *drooling* But for a 2 full day course, it costs $470 for early birds le. Hmm....let's wait and see. Wanna take with me?

I attended many of those lectures and workshops in between my shuttling around. They were very interesting and I picked up many tips from the experts. Plyometric...it really didn't occur to me before such simple movements were actually PLYOMETRIC in nature! Resistance Training with minimal equipment was most interesting. And the circuit training was a killer. Lower back exercises on the fitball was also very fun. I love the fitball. I love stability exercises! It gives you the kick!

There was this gal, so stuck up, attending the workshop with utmost disrespect to the presenter, who happens to be Shir. I noticed, among all the sessions, she seems to treat the overseas presenters with more reverence than Shir. Well, I guess its a mindset, Shir is considered petite. She's a Chinese local Singaporean and female. It was only after trying out some of the exercises that, she realised Shir is not luan gai one! Haha!

There was this coach..a participant..aii..try so hard to get a free lunch. C'mon, its just some packet lunch from the KPT nearby and not any delicacy...totally disappointed. She was also pretty rude in the lecture as well...attempting to answer questions for the presenter and putting her leg right on top of the chair. Her dotter was running all over the place and making so much noise!

fit fit fit. There must be a virus going on. Everyone is bearing an email with a fit word in it. Maybe I should create one called...jose-fit?

Overall, its very tiring..but very fruitful and very good exposure, experience gained! The next one will be even better! That's for sure!

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