Monday, August 29, 2005

NB Real Run

I have not woken so early in a long time. I waited such a long time for the freaking bus 93, what's new? I witness the sky turn from dark blue to purple to light.

Sentosa was crowded. It was expected. My strategy was to walk the first 2k. But I realised you had to follow the crowd when you're in the crowd. I instantly regretted not doing a proper warm up instantly. What warm up did we do? It was next to none because stretching is not warm up. It neither increases your heartbeat nor your blood circulation. I felt the thread and needles (stitches) coming. Then my breakfast wanted to find its way out.

The sandy paths were the killers. You think you had safely passed it, only to be back again. It was really a x-terrain run summing a total of 10k.

Analysis for the average fit people, if you ran earlier on through all the up-slopes and down-slopes, you probably have lesser energy left for the beach. Well, if you walked a little more, you might have a little more energy left for the beach. The timing, to me, it seems to make little difference whether you walked or ran. Either you're super fit or you need a strategy.
Strategy for the average fit: walk (brisk walk la) more on the roads but be able to endure running on the beach. Because, running involves lesser contact time on the sand. This translates to sinking less deep into the sand. It's easy to say but running on those sandy beaches is not chicken feed! OK, of course the best strategy is to attain fitness so good you can race your way through :P

The t-shirt was a disappointment, though the design is quite nice (luckily its not the orange one). It's always like that! I really don't think that the run was majority for men and made up of men. Giving out men's sized t-shirts, there was not enough S sizes, nor M sizes. I ended up with an L size. The "kids" from the junior cat, finished their race first and many took the smaller sizes I'm sure. Then there were the smaller sized males who also required S sizes. And naturally, the people who finished later were left with the big t-shirts. It was quite a disappointment to have a perfectly good tee wasted. L sized is definitely too big to fit anyone in my household.

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