Monday, August 29, 2005

Isn't it AMAZING?

My Jolly Shandy is more than a year old now. And today as I woke up and stepped out of my room, he has that unfazed energy of a year ago, greeting you enthusiastically and prancing all over you. I really cannot imagine anyone else I know who would possess all that energy. All his cute antics alone, more than make up for the shit he creates around the house. Each time you see him (looking like a little lamb, that's what he looks like now), you forget all the things he does to make you mad. That's my mini maltie for you.

Sometimes, I think, you get to know a guy, you date, you get married...its hard to convince myself that he will bear the same enthusiasm as he did when he met you. After a while, you don't melt when you see him anymore. Maybe its human, maybe its just me or maybe its the world that we live in.

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