Thursday, August 25, 2005

The future of 5 letters

is B-L-E-A-K.

I just read an article in Digital Life today, talking of the success of a managing director, who became managing director at 36. Today, 10 years later, we talk of his success and his contributions. How he has transformed the company from what it was 10 years ago to the reknowned company it is today. The story has it that he dumped his prestigious job at Eye-Bee-Am then. He was into marketing then, before moving into business systems.

See! Another non-IT person doing IT management. Even my ex-ex boss who was from IT was hardly a systems person. I cannot imagine one who was never into systems. OK, I guess its the management that is more important.

Truth be told, I think, the so called IT professionals in the market today clean up lots of sh!t and do not get the due respect they deserve. Take for example, the life of a programmer is tantamount to, a dogs life. Perhaps a donkey. Slave to technology, slogging long hours behind the monitor screen with a slave driver breathing down your neck.

Years later (today), there are many cheaper resources taking over the place of the programmer. Producing sub-quality work. We, take over the cleaning up their a$$e$ because the ultimate responsibilty lies on us.

I feel, squeezed.

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