Saturday, August 13, 2005

Exercise Mad

It's been such a long time since I've last exercised. Probably 2 months.

Training with Shirley is of course benchmarked at the "advanced" level. Her friend says I'm sha gua to train with her. Well of course. But along with it comes the motivation and opportunity to learn more than the training gives. Then I was aching crazy from Thursday. It hurts like crazy when more than 1 major muscle groups are recovering from muscle soreness.

Wed - Gym * lat pain, quad a bit, glut a bit, abs a bit
Thu - Swim 30 laps non-stop * abductor pain
Fri - Gym again, then I went to run about 5k at Bishan Park! * pec pain
* everywhere pain *

Sat - Abseiling!
Sun - Abseiling again!

Then again, not pain not shiok! When you know you're sore from psychologically feel fitter and stronger!

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