Thursday, August 11, 2005

ClubFITT @ Bishan

I visited ClubFITT @ Bishan today with Shirley. It costs $2.50/entry. You can rent lockers for $0.40. BYO towels and toiletries if you wanna shower.

Was there at almost 630pm. The place was starting to fill up and as you can guess, with mostly (non-hunk) guys. There were the usual body builder body wannabe, the slightly plump trying desperately to lose some weight and the less than shapely in an attempt to tone up their chests, biceps, etc.

I don't like the place. It's a place I will not go alone. It was small (I've been to smaller ones though) and crowded (cos it was peak hour) and most of all, flooded with guys, men, boys who stare at you as you enter, as though you were some alien invading their territory. I don't blame them, the gym, especially weights were never thought of as a place for the ladies.

Encounter 1: Dumbell Row
There were only either 2.5kg ones or 5kg ones. The 2.5kg was too light and the 5kg, a little too heavy for me. If its too light for me, it obviously is for her. Anyway, she was trying to look for a heavier weight when a gentlemen kindly offered to tell Shirley that the lighter weights are over that side (signalling to the other end of the rack).

Encounter 2: Lat Pull-Down
A little boy no older than 14 asked if he could use the machine. He looked a little chubby (read: obese) and came with his dad. He proceeded to do a lat pull-down with the lightest plate and the horizontal bar BEHIND his neck. OMG! It looked like the most unnatural position to be in. He was hunched over the knee support and his "paunch" was squeezed against the knee support. It certainly looks very very uncomfortable to me.

Encounter 3: Rack Machine
Shirley asked me to look over. There was an Indian man, quite well built (but not nice to see) at the rack machine. He was doing his barbell squats. She told me he was bouncing on his upward stride and that is very very bad for the vertebrae...I turned and looked. It sure is! He was bouncing up and down and up and down! His poor back!

I see a lot of bad exercises being done and the trainer on duty was doing nothing about it. This has to be the single gym session that I see so many bad exercises. Sometimes, I sit and wonder and think whether it was difficult for the trainer to "correct" the bad exercises or he was just being lazy.

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